Commercial Projects Breakdown 01

Strabag „Building Europe“, 2007
Agency | PKP proximity Werbeagentur GmbH, Vienna
Production | Neue Sentimental Werbefilm GmbH, Vienna
Director | Philipp Stölzl
Postproduction I Optix Digital Pictures Hamburg

Credits Optix Digital Pictures
Postproduction Supervisor | Julian Büchner
CG-Supervisor I Michael Grobe
VFX-Supervisor I Jörn Meyer
Grading | Paul Breuer
Avid | Bo Ismono
Compositing / VFX | Jörn Meyer, Michael Welz, Daniel Brylka, Lene Hönigschmid, Sandy Papsoutsi, Anja Druml, Marina Henzel Rotoscoping | Oliver Bock
3D | Florian Weyh, Markus Geerts, Lars Buntemeyer, Marc Goecke, Michael Gottschalk, Nando, Michael Grobe, Uwe Zahn, Andre Cantarel, Chris Stanzel, Sebastian Wernicke, Martin Hecking, Volker Heisterberg, Stefan Galleithner, Philipp Hartmann (Massive in Los Angeles), Alexander Schott, Philipp Meyer
3D Motion Control | Jan Rottkamp

A team of 17 CG Artists in Hamburg, Los Angeles and Mallorca and 8 Compositing Artists were working on this commercial for 3 months. Shooting aerial plate shots in South Africa und Vienna (Motion Control in a film studio for „Hospital“), CG architecture, CG vehicles, „Massive“ crowd simulation for „Stadium“. A big challenge for CG Supervisor Michael Grobe and his team.

ANIMAGO Award 2007: Best Visualisation

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Mercedes Benz „Fireworks“, 2009
Agency | Jung von Matt, Hamburg
Production | Markenfilm, Wedel
Director | Dirk Urbaniak
Postproduction I Infected Postproduction GmbH, Wedel

Credits Infected Postproduction GmbH
Producing I Julian Büchner, Henrik von Müller
3D I Chris Keller, Tim Borgmann, Philipp von Preuschen
Flame I Dirk Urbaniak, Niko Papsoutsis

Shooting in a gravel-pit (just the car) and shooting a lot of mud and bubbles in a studio. But Director’s and Agency creative’s visions made the process a very long one in 3D. Chris Keller and Tim Borgmann made some extraordinary simulations, director and flame artists Dirk Urbaniak compositing on Flame together with Niko Papoutsis.

ANIMAGO Award 2010: Best Commercial

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Mattoni „Water Dress“, 2009
Client I Mattoni Karlovarksé Minerální Vody
Agency I MPG SRL, Italy
Production I Cow & Boys, Italy
Director I Matthias Zentner
Postproduction I Blackmountain Studios, Velvet

Credits Velvet
Producer I Julian Büchner, Gustaf Richter
Editor I Jochen Kraus
3D (Blackmountain) / Abdelkareem Abonamus, Daniel Stern, Enrico Seiler, Stephan Habel, Christian Bumba, Tobias Ott, Adam Wesierski, Niko Conte
Flame I Sylvia Rössler
Compositing, Roto I Manuel Voss

The Czech Supermodel Hana Soukupova was almost naked on set just to get a water-dress added later in postproduction. That’s the short story.
Blackmountain created a moving water dress for the first time in CG-history. Main challenge was to find a concept for the dress that gave both a design and volatile, liquid properties. Research and development experiments took a long time to come up with fluid simulation in Maya and Particles to give the shape of the dress. Houdini was used to combine several passes of particles to a water surface. Rendering using an animated version of Hana as a holdout for refractions and reflections, the resulting particles were then deformed and transformed into liquid surfaces again in Houdini. Additional splashes were added in Realflow and some real water layers were combined in compositing. Wow.

CLIO AWARDS 2009: Bronze Award

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Telekom „Rain of Flowers“, 2009
Client I Telekom Germany
Agency I Tribal DDB Hamburg, Saatchi & Saatchi Frankfurt
Production I Erste Liebe Filmproduktion Hamburg
Director I Cadmo Quintero
Postproduction I Optix Digital Pictures, Das Werk Berlin

Postproduction Supervisor I Julian Büchner
Editor I Sören Görth
Compositing I Marcel Lemme, Patrick Günther, Anja Druml
3D I Michael Gottschalk, Stefan Galleithner

This campaign for German Telekom was shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina with tons of real rose petals. Weather conditions made it necessary to add 3D petals in postproduction. The timing was quite shocking; editor Sören Görth had to edit the first film during the flight back from Buenos Aires to Berlin to meet the deadline. Optix Digital Pictures added as many petals as possible for the first film. There were 4 more to finish with a bit more time and the result was that the team added petals in every possible scene. A challenging but very nice project!

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Tostitos “Corn”, 2009
Client I Tostitos USA
Agency I Goodby, Sylverstein & Partners San Francisco
Production I Foreignfilm, New York
Director I Matthias Zentner
Postproduction I Mad River Post (Editorial), Velvet, Black Mountains

Postproduction Supervisor I Julian Büchner
Editor I Marco Perez, Mad River Post
3D I Blackmountain Stuttgart
Flame I Sylvia Rössler
Shake I Manuel Voss
Music I Human@Human

Director Matthias Zentner shot this commercial in Burdekin, Australia. Editing started in Australia and was handed over to Marco Perez in New York after some days. Marco was involved for another 3 weeks of editing. VFX and Flame Online was done in Germany and we sent files to Marco every day / night. Growing corn was done by Blackmountains in Stuttgart. My last project for Velvet. But a very nice one.

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