Commercial Projects Breakdown 02

Schüco „Energy“, 2010 (8 x TVC)
Agency | Kemper Kommunikation, Frankfurt
Production | Markenfilm, Wedel
Director | Thomas Sabel
Postproduction I Infected Postproduction, Wedel

Credits Infected Postproduction
Postproduction Supervisor | Julian Büchner
Editor | Martin Narr
Compositing / VFX | Daniel Brylka (Supervision), Michael Welz, Ingo Berends (Flame)
3D | Uwe Zahn, Philipp Wibisono, Andreas Schulz, Stephan Haidacher, Sebastian Wernicke (Matchmove), Michael Lohde

Grading | Paul Breuer (Optix Digital Pictures)

First time shoot for Markenfilm and me with ALEXA. Nice camera. Quality was awesome. We shot 3 days in studio with Linda. We worked in 720p. Uwe designed our
„Endkundenhaus“ in 7K (for print), Stephan did a great job in shading while Philipp and Andreas took care of all other issues in 3D. Compositing artist Daniel
who was also our Supervisor on set did a great job in Nuke. Michael had some jobs in comp too. Ingo helped in cleaning the shots. Thanks for the good teamwork!

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Schüco „Trade Show“, 2011 (2 x Imagefilm, HD, 6 min.)
Agency | Kemper Kommunikation, Frankfurt
Production | Markenfilm, Wedel
Producer Markenfilm I Christine Renk
Creative Supervisor I Julian Büchner
Architect Supervisor I Uwe Zahn
Postproduction I FX Factory, Berlin

Postproduction Producer FX Factory I Stefan Epmeier
Assistant Producer I Janett Zanke
3D TD I Daniel Gagiu, Frederik Grytzmann
3D Previz / Camera / Animation I Frederik Grytzmann, Till Keller, Andreas Nehls
3D Modelling I Katharina Frank, Stefan Günther
3D Trees / Environment I Ethan Reitz
3D Shading / Lighting I Robert Masula, Daniel Gagiu, Peter Nepp
3D Rendering I Peter Nepp
3D Animation I Kai Krämer
Nuke Compositing I Norman Struwe, Stephen Delisle, Andreas Nehls
Flame Artist I Horst Riedinger
After Effects I Manuel Machon, Matthias Ricke
IT I Silke Zirnité, Harald Werner

Next project for Schüco: for „Bau 2011“, the most important trade show for construction enterprises. An Imagefilm, more than 6 minutes long with about
3,5 minutes of 3D. We started this project late November with a kind of concept that changed amazingly often. With a 3D previz we defined the shots,
movement, camera. In After Effects we created animated graphical parts and headlines etc. The 3D department started the environment / hero trees and
midground trees, fur grass and of course the modelling of the building. Shading and look definition took a long time. In the end the time was very short.
We had problems with final gathering and had to redo 6 of 9 shots by changing the lighting setup. Rendering took incredibly long hours per frame. In the end
we had about 4,5 TB of material on the server. 3 companies shared the render processes. Compositing prepared scenes, skies, midground materials etc.
As renders were very late nuke compositing was also very late and started last minute. We had to deliver Sunday and our last shot was rendered out to Flame
late evening on Saturday. The client was aware of the situation and approved all shots in time. This was a great experience: normally clients can’t wait to see
the result but this time they had a lot of confidence in our team. Thank you! And thanks to the wonderful team for the motivation and the result!

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