Let me introduce myself: My name is Julian David Buechner and I am working since 1994 as Postproduction and VFX Producer / Supervisor (commercials and feature films).
I started my career in a film production company in Munich, Germany and started postproduction processes from scratch in all fields of postproduction - editing,
online, VFX, audio. After a short stay at Arri Digital, Munich I joined The Posthouse, Hamburg as Postproduction Producer. I worked as Digital Grading Producer
on Lord of the Rings in Wellington, New Zealand before I moved back to Germany to work as Freelancer in Hamburg and all over Europe.

My skills: working on complex and complicated projects. If CG is involved, it’s my job. Overseeing quality and budget, feeding the team and the client with all in-
formations, making sure that everybody is happy: director, client, agency, production, artists. That’s my strength.
My goal: to work more and more as creative VFX and Postproduction Supervisor on shows.

I spent some time in following countries: Germany, UK, USA, India, New Zealand, France, Spain and Austria. I worked on Feature Films like „Lord of the Rings“ and
„Mondscheintarif (Moonlight Tariff)“, on many many commercials (i.e. Strabag „Building Europe“) for clients like Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, Vodafone,
Mattoni, Deutsche Post and more. .

News / latest projects:

I worked one year at Trixter, Munich as Line Producer for a full animated feature film:
„The 7th Dwarf“ and as Head of Production on several shows. Now I am taking some time off.
Looking for new opportunities!

You can find more informations about my work in „Projects“ and to watch some samples of work, please have a look to „Commercials“.

Hongkong 2008
Nikon D200, 1/750s f/14.0 ISO500 38mm

Hongkong 2008
Nikon D200, 1/2000s f/22.0 ISO 2000, 18mm